Green Procurement Policy

Green Procurement Policy

As a part of our ongoing commitment to improve the environment, this policy seeks to reduce the environment impacts of our operations and promote sustainable development by the integration of environment performance considerations in the procurement process.

We are committed to the integration of environment performance considerations in the procurement process including planning, acquisition, use and disposal. We are committed to considering the environmental aspects, potential impacts and costs, associated with the life cycle assessment of goods and services being acquired.

This calls for conscious efforts across the company in the following areas:

  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: We are committed to reducing resource consumption and minimizing waste while considering the life-cycle costs of products. We seek to implement the hierarchy of preference to reduce, reuse and recycle resources throughout the procurement activity.
  • Buy Recycled: We are committed to buying recycled/part-recycled products to optimize consumption and stimulate demand for recycled products, promoting the collection and reprocessing of waste and working toward zero discharge to the landfill.
  • "Green" the Supply Chain: We hope to maximize the benefits by encouraging our supplier/vendors to adopt our environment practices. We endeavor to undertake procurement activities with suppliers who share our values. We will actively promote the green procurement policy throughout our supply chain to ensure selection that has minimum environmental impact. 

Green Procurement

Green procurement or environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) is the practice of procuring products and services that are less harmful to the environment (land, air and water) and all species including humans that depend on environment for survival. Green products are those that are made with less harmful materials or which when produced or used/consumed would have a minimal impact on the environment. Listed below are a few ways through which we aim to integrate the green procurement policy with the Pragyaware environment policy.

  • We shall encourage and prefer eco-friendly products, which are more power efficient.
  • We shall prefer to purchase from a source that is less polluting or uses clean technology.
  • We shall encourage and prefer vendors who use recycled packaging material.
  • For software products, as far as possible and to the extent feasible, the preferred mode of delivery shall be through the electronic method (download). A server is proposed to be deployed that would host the most commonly required software. Instead of burning CDs, secured access would be made available to the respective project team to download the product from this common server.

Focus Areas

  • Promoting procurement from Energy Star Partners
  • Procurement of low-energy consumption desktop configuration
  • Procurement of laser printers with GREEN functionality
  • Procurement of servers with low voltage CPUs and low-wattage storages
  • Procurement of server racks with efficient cooling systems
  • Eco-friendly procurement considerations for infrastructure and development
  • Eco-friendly procurement considerations for consumables

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