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The intent of BillRight application is to download meter reading from the energy meter and to issue energy bills as per the meter readings recorded by the metering equipment in order to ensure an accurate energy bill is rendered to the consumer.


Benefits of BillRight application are as under: -

Increases billing efficiency of distribution companies

Increases collection efficiency of distribution companies

Reduces revenue realization time by decreasing the turnaround time of bill generation and bill distribution

Ensures rotation of meter readers at regular intervals authenticated through face recognition/biometric fingerprint recognition

Enhances the productivity of the employees involved in the billing and collection process

Reduces revenue losses due to errors and omissions which characterize manual billing

Acquires analytical information related to the consumer viz. Aadhar No, Nature of Consumer Premises, GIS attributes, etc

Automates geo-mapping of the consumer base

Ensures immediate availability of the electricity bills upon generation on the e-payment service which will further facilitate quick payment

Enables quick remote change management and implementation in case of any tariff revision

Enables distribution companies to achieve consumer delight

Key Features

Features of the Bill Right application are as under: -

Industries Served

Smart Cities

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