Pensioner Sathi


The intent of Pensioner Sathi is to enable tabulation of death cum retirement gratuity payment orders, pension payment orders, and commutation payment orders of pensioners as per regulations of the respective State/Central Governments, its approval through a workflow-based system, to issue and print authorities and disbursement of payments to the pensioners after deduction of statutory taxes

Pension Sathi also provides a web and mobile interface for pensioners to mark their annual attendance through the inbuilt face recognition or Jeevan Pramaan application. Pensioners will also be able to retrieve their gratuity payment order, pension payment order, commutation payment order, pension payment slip, and TDS certificate and also submit tax saving instruments from anywhere and anytime


The benefits of this application are as under: -

Provides a workflow-based system to process fresh/revised DCRG, pension, and commutation cases in a transparent and time-bound manner

Integrates with the Exit Management System of HRMS application to retrieve the particulars of the pensioner

Tabulates DCRG, pension, and commutation as per relevant regulations of the State/Central Government

Carries out revision of any DCRG, pension/enhanced family pension/family pension payment order

Tabulates monthly pension on payment order, restoration date, the applicability of additional pension, death of the pensioner, etc

Tabulates income tax based on income and tax-saving receipts registered/submitted with the organization

Prepares monthly pension roll and provides a workflow-based system for approval of pension roll and its disbursement

Generates bank advice upon approval for release of payment to the pensioners

Integrated with Jeevan Pramaan application to mark attendance of the pensioner

Integrated with a face recognition system to enable the pensioners to mark their attendance

Provides a web and mobile interface to pensioners to view GPO, PPO, CPO, payment slip, TDS, and account statement

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