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Work Permit + is a Safety Work Permit (SWP) or a Permit To Work (PTW) which provides a mechanism to analyze and identify risks associated with high-risk work activities so as to mitigate those risks and avoid accidents. It enables companies involved in Oil & Gas Exploration, Production and Marketing, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Public Utilities, and other Industrial Units to manage high-risk work activities related to the operation and maintenance of their infrastructure safely.

Work Permit+ is an automated Safety Work Permit System that ensures that the workers involved are aware of specific hazards, take necessary safeguards, and are competent to carry out the assigned activity. It also ensures seamless communication between various stakeholders right from planning, preparation, and execution to handover and restoring the infrastructure to normal operations. In short, it ensures safety, compliance, and operational performance.

Work Permit+ is a fully customizable platform for real-time analysis of various safety management tools viz. Safety Work permit, incident analysis, the compliance status of various audits (Internal, external, Statutory, etc.), statutory compliance, etc.

It can be accessed from both web and mobile-based interfaces. In addition, its mobile interface works both in online and offline modes. It automatically uploads data immediately upon the availability of an Internet connection. You can grant access to in-house as well as outsourced manpower service providers. It is fully customizable and enables you to set up work types and configure checklists based on work types and permit types. It also allows you to configure the workflow for each type of permit. The requestor duly authorized will only be able to submit a request for a permit.

Likewise, the designated issuer will be able to retrieve such requests and review the checklist and photographs/videos submitted by the requestor to accept, decline or seek a review of a permit request from a reviewer. Likewise, reviewers will also be able to retrieve requests and review the checklist, photographs/videos, and remarks from the issuer to carry out the review to either accept or decline the recommendation to issue a permit.

In addition, a reviewer can forward a permit request to another reviewer or even opt-out to review a permit request. The issuer or reviewer can inspect works and can suspend any permit issued earlier by them. Once a permit is approved by the issuer, the requestor can initiate the work and submit his reports until the work is finished by his team. He can also seek an extension of the timeline which is automatically marked to the competent authorities for approval. The system automatically broadcasts notifications/text messages/emails to all the stakeholders so that there is no communication lag. The system also provides a dashboard for real-time monitoring of the safety permits and also provides various reports to enable various stakeholders to monitor the Safety Work Permit process.

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