Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

I hold the designation of Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Pragyaware Informatics Private Limited and am associated with the organization since 2010. It all started when I was selected as an intern following multiple rigorous rounds of oral and written tests. After undergoing orientation and induction training sessions, I was asked to acquire ASP.Net C# Skills. Then, a senior resource was given the task to conduct training sessions and train a batch of resources. After training, a skill test was conducted in which I scored well and was selected as a Junior Engineer. I was assigned to work under the guidance of a development team which groomed me and prepared me for a larger role. Likewise, I was trained as an engineer and a manager to be later advanced to the post of CTO. Undeniably, the organization has valued my efforts and has continuously prepared, instructed, and rewarded me for them

Neither have I posted my CV on a recruitment platform, nor made my profile accessible on any social media sites. I've never felt the desire for a shift. In fact, one reason for staying here is that the organization provides excellent care for each employee. Through routine medical screenings, it keeps track of each person's psychological and physical well-being. The company keeps tabs on the ongoing education and training of the employees through professional training programs, 100% expenses of which are covered by the company. It guarantees that each person enjoys a healthy work-life balance as well as goes through significant challenges to finally grow in their careers.

I have represented the organization on various important forums by attending many events in India and abroad on behalf of the organization and have learned about the latest technological transformations across the world. Each such exploration is deliberated upon to decide the quantum of future investments in such evolving technologies, and I feel valued when such suggestions are considered in the organization's strategy and future evolution.

Sarbjit Singh

Senior Manager

I was working as an engineer in a startup in Mohali and was looking for a change as the startup I was employed with was unable to release salaries on time. That’s when a close friend of mine informed me about a job vacancy at Pragyaware Informatics Pvt. Ltd. I appeared for the interview, sailed through the tests, and was made an offer. Honestly, moving to Ludhiana made me skeptical. I can still recall a late evening call from a senior in management, with whom I shared all my doubts. He gave me a patient hearing, counseled me, and advised me to join the organization. I joined in 2018 and I can certainly say that I have never looked back.

Here, I have learned a lot about various domains viz. Agriculture, Power, Oil & Gas, Education, Government, Leadership Skills, Management principles, and Teamwork. I have benefitted from 100% subsidized training programs and have been incentivized for learning newer skills. I have been continuously rewarded with annual and out-of-turn Increments and half-yearly bonuses.

Thanks to the flexible hours and work-from-home policies of the company, I was able to cope with family compulsions and official responsibilities together.

I have participated in numerous events for the enterprise both locally and internationally. Such pursuits have aided in my job advancement and taught me about contemporary IT breakthroughs. Being a member of several R&D projects that eventually became standard operating procedures in the company makes me proud.


Senior Engineer

I am working as a Senior Engineer at Pragyaware Informatics Private Limited and joined the organization as a Junior Engineer in 2018. On joining, I participated in induction, orientation, and skill training sessions, and upon passing the skill assessment test, I was entrusted to a Government Project with the objective of acquiring domain expertise. My technical and soft skills were nurtured and enhanced by my mentors. As my aptitude to take on greater responsibilities increased, I quickly found myself undertaking a variety of projects in a variety of domains with varying degrees of complexity.

I was also appointed as a member of the Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG), where I learned about best practices in software engineering processes, the challenges, and how to address them in the implementation phase. Our organization was appraised as CMMI ML3 for Dev 2.0 View and my hard work was well acknowledged.

I have benefited from the Maternity Leave Policy of the organization and was on paid leave for a period of 6 months. I was additionally granted approval to work from home until my family and I became accustomed and I could go to the office on a regular basis. This has greatly aided in my rehabilitation and helped me balance my care for my family alongside my professional obligations.

I am extremely satisfied with what I have gained by associating with the enterprise, and how I have developed within the company even as I look forward to tackling greater challenges.